Clinics with English Support (Tokyo)

Clinics in Japan with English speaking staff
No, she doesn’t speak English, unfortunately. She’s also probably not really a doctor.

There are other sites online with much more comprehensive lists, but the ones I put here will be places I (or a friend) have personally been to and have confirmed to be English-capable, and will take Japanese national health insurance.

It’s still a pretty short list, but as I find more clinics with English support in central Tokyo, I’ll be adding them here:

Trust Dental Clinic

  • Complete English support. Everyone at the clinic speaks English fluently.
  • They don’t do braces.
  • Japanese National Health Insurance is accepted.

Garden Clinic Hiroo (Dermatologist)

  • Staff might answer the phone in Japanese, but they can speak English. The dermatologist speaks fluent English.
  • No appointments. You just show up and wait. I usually wait about half an hour.
  • Japanese National Health Insurance is accepted.

Ueno Eye Clinic

  • Support staff doesn’t speak English. Only the head doctor, Dr. Kimura, speaks fluently. English forms are available for when you come in for a check up.
  • I’ve forgotten which days Dr. Kimura is in. However, I was told that his wife (also a doctor at the clinic) can speak English. There is another doctor in the clinic who speaks a little English, but not so much.
  • The clinic is by appointment, but you can walk in and ask to be put on the list, so you can avoid making a phone call.
  • Even with an appointment, you may still have to wait a pretty long time. Make sure you have an hour or two to spare when you come in. Try to come on a weekday.
  • Japanese National Health Insurance is accepted.