Green Tea Beer (Matcha Beer)


Quick post!

This is “Japanese Green Tea with Fresh Beer”, or Matcha Beer (抹茶ビール). Had dinner and a couple of drinks with an old friend who just moved to Tokyo. We were at a small restaurant in Tokyo station called Japanese Wine Kitchen Tika Tika (国産ワインキッチン Tikatika), saw this on the menu…


…and ordered it. Because weird.

Fresh beer? As opposed to old beer? Actually, that’s probably just the wrong translation for what should have been “Draft Beer”

It looks like this when served:


Then you stir the drink and it’ll look like the the odd green brew on the top of this post.

It’s basically just local beer mixed with some green tea powder/leaves concoction. Not terrible, not that good either. Just a novelty drink you try once and likely never order again.

Sorry for the picture quality. I was using an old smartphone in low light.


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