Uramyougi-san hike


Last Monday, a friend invited me to go hiking with her and some friends up Uramyougi-san (裏妙義山), a mountain in Gunma prefecture. It wasn’t a particularly long hike at only about 6 hours to the top and back to the car.

The highlight of the hike was Chousu no Kashira (丁須の頭), pictured below. It sits at about 1,100 meters. Also, the photo above was actually taken from the top of that interesting looking rock.

Chousu no Kashira: I don’t know what the name means. I’ve also seen it referred to as Hammer Rock and The Mushroom

It looks pretty small in the picture, but it’s actually about 5 meters high. There’s a chain attached to the top and hanging down one side so you can climb up to the top, but you’ll need a climbing harness… Unless you don’t mind the possibility of a 15-ish meter fall!

Here’s another picture (stolen) from someone else’s blog (sorry!) for a better frame of reference:

Stolen from: ameblo.jp/snow521/entry-11101909201.html

More photos from the hike:

Roland at the top of Hammer Rock
Viviana and Roland at the base of The Mushroom
Map of the area at the trail entrance
Map close up
Start of the hike
Several locations had chains going up (and down) the mountain. Definitely not a hike you’d want to go on if it’s even a little bit wet.


Lots of sketchy places on the way down, like this one…
And this one…
AND this one, called “The Chimney”, which I’d say is about a 10 meter vertical climb.

If you do plan to go on this hike I will reiterate that, depending on your route, you’ll likely want to have a climbing harness/carabiners. And as I mentioned, be sure it’s a dry day.

Safe climbing!


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