B by B: Fancy-Pants Cafe in Ginza

Not my picture. From the “B by B” website: bbyb.jp

I’m not really a cafe kind of guy. First of all, I can’t drink coffee. It gives me a stomachache. And generally, I avoid spending money whenever possible (i.e. I’m cheap (or poor?)), so even if I wanted some tea, for example, I’d just have some at home.

However, today I was with my girlfriend, and since we hardly see each other these days I figured we should go to nice places and eat nice things. One of those places we went to was the chocolate shop and cafe called “B by B” in the Ginza district, on a backstreet behind the Apple Store. They sell chocolates made by Michelin-star chef Bart Desmidt and master chocolatier Jan Verleye, though honestly I had never heard of them before as I’m not really in-the-know with regard to the world of gastronomy.

I saw this cafe on TV a year ago and had been planning to take my girlfriend there, but never had the chance until today. The cafe, which was at the back of the store, was smaller than I thought it would be. There were basically only about 6-ish seats. That picture you see above, that’s almost the entire cafe.

The main thing I wanted to try at B by B was this heavenly-looking dessert called Babelutte Ice Cream (900 yen, or roughly $8.50):

Babelutte Ice Cream (picture from bbyb.jp)

The presentation is amazing. Like you see in the picture, two scoops of ice cream are in a glass container with a flat piece of chocolate on top, and then warm chocolate is poured over it until it melts and drips onto the ice cream. Below is a video my girlfriend took of how it’s served:

Pretty fancy-schmancy, eh? With matching fancy-schmancy music to boot. Yet all this fanciness would have been for naught if it were not delicious, so it is very fortunate that the Babelutte Ice Cream was actually really really good!

I’m sorry, I’m not a food critic. “Really really good” is all I got for ya.

With that wonderful treat we also ordered some Flemish Waffles (700 yen, or about $6.50) which are basically stroopwafel, but instead of the regular syrup used in stroopwafel, it’s filled with babelutte. And if you’re wondering what babelutte is, it’s apparently a kind of caramel.

No one was at the cafe when we were there. It doesn’t seem to be very popular, unfortunately. It is a pretty expensive place though, so I suppose the store usually doesn’t get a lot of customers.

There were still a couple other items on the menu I’d like to try. I think I’ll be back.


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