Nihonshu ( Japanese Sake) Kit Kat


Last month, Nestle launched the Nihonshu (or “sake”) Kit Kat, and I saw it making the rounds on social media.

This and other exotic Kit Kat flavors are actually quite hard to find. Green tea is probably the only one that is easily available at convenience stores and supermarkets. To find the more interesting ones, your best bet is the airport or souvenir shops, or at a certain store in Ueno that specializes in Japanese snacks and candy called Nikinokashi (二木の菓子). It’s a big store located in a popular district in Ueno known as Ameyoko, a market town and one of very few places where you can haggle with shopkeepers in Tokyo.

スクリーンショット 2016-03-11 22.20.50.png
Ameyoko – I took this photo about three and a half years ago

Anyway, back to the Kit Kat…

So I was at Ameyoko last week (Actually, I go to Ameyoko every week. That’s where I do some of my grocery shopping) and found it at Nikinokashi. The box contains only 9 individually-wrapped “mini” Kit Kat bars. It’s a pretty big box for very little Kit Kat. The packaging is just for show, and kind of makes you think there’s a bottle inside it. Since it’s a big box anyway, I wonder why they decided on putting in just 9 bars instead of 10. It’s not like you couldn’t fit another one in there.

Here’s the packaging of one bar:


This is how it looks undressed. It’s white, of course, to match the image of nihonshu:


And finally, how it looks when cut in half. It basically looks like a white chocolate Kit Kat:


The box says that it contains 0.8% alcohol. You’re going to have to eat several boxes full of this stuff to get drunk on it.

As for the taste, it really does taste like nihonshu! I can’t quite tell if the nihonshu flavor comes from the chocolate or the wafer (or both), but essentially it tastes like chocolate with nihonshu… which I actually don’t really like. It’s not bad, but I’m not into chocolates with alcohol.

I’m glad I picked it up though because today when I dropped by to do some groceries, they were sold out.






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