Solo Weddings in Japan

Solo Wedding pictures

Notice anything unusual in the photos above?

Yup, the groom is nowhere to be found. And why? Well, that’s because there isn’t one!

Introducing SOLO WEDDING:

Solo Wedding website banner

No fiance? No problem. You can still can still get married solo via Solo Wedding.

Actually, this isn’t what it sounds like. You’re not really marrying yourself. Rather, this service is for women who want to have a wedding photoshoot but don’t necessarily have someone to marry. Sounds sad, doesn’t it?

Here’s the logic behind the service…

Some single women hope to get married one day, but aren’t sure exactly when that’s going to happen. It could be in the near future, or perhaps a couple of decades from now. Should the latter become reality, by the time they do get married, they’d be a bit old and wouldn’t look as stunning in a wedding dress as they would have if they’d gotten married in their youth.

And so, that’s what this service is for: to have a collection of “wedding photos” while they’re still young.

It’s also probably for women who simply want to have a set of wedding photos even though they don’t necessarily intend to get hitched.

The service is run by a travel agency called “Cerca Travel”, which specializes in solo travel plans for women. Again, this sounds kind of sad. But come to think of it, I do like traveling alone and I don’t find it particularly sad.

A Solo Wedding is a 2-day package, and this is what the schedule is like:

Day 1 – Wedding Preparations

1:00 pm – Meet with the wedding planner

2:00 pm – Arrive at the wedding dress rental shop, choose a dress

4:00 pm – Meet with a “bouquet sensei” to decide on and make your bouquet

6:00 pm – Arrive at hotel

Day 2 – The Big Day!

9:00 am – Pick up service at the hotel

9:30 am – Get hair and make-up done

11:30 am – Wedding car pick up, move to wedding location

12:00 pm – Arrive at location, the pretend wedding and photoshoot begins

13:30 pm – Remove make-up, return dress, choose which photos to have printed

14:00 pm – End of service

The photo album and all photo data are delivered after a month.


¥320,000 ~ ¥520,000 ($2,800 ~ $4,500)

Rates depend on whether you have the shoot on a weekday or weekend, and the kind of dress you wear. There’s also a special 3-day package that lets you wear 2 dresses for ¥660,000 ($5,800).

Quite pricey, huh?


If you’re interested, you better hurry. The service is only available until May 31, 2017!


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