Video game motion sickness medicine


One of the most interesting clients I have is a Japanese graphic designer. She’s in love with video games. She once told me about her massive retro game collection, and how she loves scouring the used game shops in Akihabara for hidden gaming gems. Recently she bought a PlayStation 4, which she said she bought mainly to play Odin Sphere. The creator of this game is her favorite game designer. Being a big fan of video games myself, I absolutely have tons of fun talking with her.

Another video game she really, really wanted to play was Fallout 4. Problem is, she gets motion sickness when playing games with 3D graphics. So, to find a solution, she went to Google because, of course, Google knows everything, right?

And a solution it did provide. Which happens to be this:

Picture from

This is motion sickness candy drops for kids called “Toraberumin Churoppu” (トラベルミンチュロップ). It apparently works really well for her. She says one dosage taken 30 minutes before starting up the PS4 gives her about 3 to 4 hours of nausea-free gaming. It tastes great too, she tells me.

A box of three doses costs about 500 yen ($4.50). That’s roughly 170 yen every time she pops Fallout 4 into her PlayStation. A worthy expense if you ask me.


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