Twin Peaks – Georgia Coffee Japanese TV Commercials

Twin Peaks - The Man from Another Place

Twin Peaks is probably my all-time favorite TV show. I was really stoked to hear that a new season is coming out in 2017, though I had hoped it would be out this year. In season two, Laura said to Agent Cooper, “I’ll see you again in 25 years.” A 2016 release would have given Twin Peaks a continuity that followed the original storyline, since the original series ended in 1991.


Well, I guess that can be fixed when they write the new series.

Anyway, as I was looking around the Internet for a cool Twin Peaks gift for someone, I stumbled into this series of old Japanese TV commercials of Georgia Coffee with the cast of Twin Peaks that was broadcasted in 1993.

It looks like it was filmed on location using the same sets, with a lot of the same cast in it. And this was on air 2 years after the series ended! Twin Peaks must have been really popular here back then.


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