How to get a Japanese girlfriend

Japanese girlfriend
Osaka idol group “Obachaaan”

It’s a very very popular topic on the Internet, and if you’re here looking for clear cut answers, search no more. I’m going to dive straight into it, no fooling around, no BS, no long-ass blogpost intros.

To get a Japanese girlfriend you need to:

  • Be American (or Australian, Irish, French)
  • Be a gentleman
  • Be funny
  • Be kind
  • Have a big back
  • Have at least one big vein popping out of one of your forearms (70% of Japanese girls agree)
  • Have a sharp chin

Your chances also improve if you:

  • Know some Japanese (just basic stuff and some vocabulary is okay)
  • Use pick up lines involving dolphins and dinosaurs
  • Ask them to teach you Japanese

There you go! What’s my source? The video below. Though I pretty much summed up what the video said.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, there is absolutely no way you will fail!

You’re very welcome.


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