Yet another blog about a foreigner in Japan… PLUS Tokyo Tower and Burgers

I guess the whole “foreigner  in Japan writing about their experiences” is pretty much overdone, but what I plan to do is:

  1. Show some of the more obscure stuff I run into in my day-to-day routines.
  2. Info/tips about activities you can do here that are probably not commonly covered.
  3. Blogging about my travels in Japan.
  4. And maybe, now and then an update about my life.

That last one is probably the most uninteresting of what I plan to write about, so don’t worry, I won’t be posting much about that.


As a first post, I wanted to talk a bit about the picture you see on the top of my blog page, which will somehow jump into a topic about burgers!

The photo above was taken from the viewing deck of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. A friend from abroad visited, and I took him to see an exhibit at the Mori Art Museum, which is also in Roppongi Hills.

Tokyo Tower is seen here in a reddish color, but the actual tower’s color is actually more of an orange hue.

And speaking of Tokyo Tower, the MOS Burger (a Japanese burger chain) in Tokyo Tower’s food court is the only place where you can have a Tokyo Tower Burger. I’ve had it, and it’s pretty good. 800 yen for the regular one, and 860 with cheese. Kind of pricey for fast food, but well worth it.

You can see in the PDF (Tokyo Tower Burger link) that it has 14 layers. In English they are, from top to bottom: Bun, lettuce, hot chili sauce, diced onions, mayo, burger patty, tomato, hot chili sauce (again), onion rings, ketchup, more diced onions, pastrami bacon, another burger patty, and the bottom bun.

Sorry I don’t have better photos of it. This one is all I’ve got:

Tokyo Tower Burger-edit

The Tokyo Tower Burger is quite messy to eat with your hands, so it’s served with a bowl and a fork. Not exactly practical fast food. It’s more of a novelty menu item.

Since we’re on the topic of “tower burgers”, Lotteria, another burger chain, has a “Zeppin Tower Burger” which originally was available as a burger with 10 burger patties and 10 slices of cheese… and some guy from Rocket News 24 ordered one with 35 freaking patties and cheese slices.

Because it was impossible to bring it home packaged as one whole burger, the staff at Lotteria divided it into 4 packages – three boxes with 10 patties and cheese each, and one bag with a 5-patty cheese burger. If you go to the link above (or click here), you can see the assembled masterpiece.

Total cost: 5,590 yen (roughly US$50).

I am SO doing this next time they have this available!


8 thoughts on “Yet another blog about a foreigner in Japan… PLUS Tokyo Tower and Burgers

    1. Nantoka Z

      I didn’t know they had coffee-flavored milkshakes! That sounds pretty good. Gotta try that next time I’m there. And I also never noticed how they folded the wrappers… guess I’ve been here too long and think that’s normal.


      1. My friend called it precision wrapping–much like at a department store. As for the milkshakes…you definitely should try them–especially if you can go to a Mos Burger that serves on real dishes. Then the milkshake will come in a real glass.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Nantoka Z

          Yeah, in the department store they wrap gifts like. I guess I take those things for granted since I’ve been here for several years now.
          Oh, I’ve never been to a Mos burger like that. I’m going to look that up!


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